An Important Note on Testimonial Director:

After six years, the founders of Testimonial Director have made the difficult decision to wind-down the service effective 1 December 2015.

Much has changed since 2009 when the idea of making it easy to capture and promote customer feedback gave rise to Testimonial Director. Today, capturing video is centered around mobile devices and displaying content in an engaging way is a standard part of web frameworks. In short, Testimonial Director is becoming less and less relevant going forward.

The wind-down of the service was announced on 1 June 2015, along with migration and support instructions to transition the service. This coincided with cessation of billing. One of the options for customers is the recommended alternative service, The folks at Boast are staffed and ready to assist you in a transition. You can contact Kelsey Taber at or 517-507-0611 for help in your migration.

It has been a pleasure working with you,
The Testimonial Director team.